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Communicating the on-site event for the launch of the partnership between Vibram and Alyx to a global online audience.


Events Management

Vibram soles play an important role in the looks and functional performance of footwear products, giving them advanced technical specifications as well as a bold appearance.

Vibram has a world leadership position for the development and manufacture of high-performance rubber soles. For over 80 years, the yellow octagon that identifies Vibram all over the world has been a hallmark of quality, performance, safety and innovation in the footwear industry.

We managed social media communications for the event, from crafting the storytelling to creating content in the form of photos, videos and interviews in various formats in order to adapt the material to publication across the different channels used.

The live coverage of the event led to the publication of 52 different content items, documenting it before, during and after the activities.


What we have done

Social Media Management

We handled posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, subdivided into moments before, during and after the event, in order to:

Develop the storytelling based on various types of content in different formats, comprising photos, videos and stories, using and editing content created live.

Maximise online coverage with the support of ad campaigns.

Create interactive Instagram Stories with the objective of increasing engagement and content sharing.

Post content simultaneously across all social media platforms, using different visuals, or alternating messages in order to sustain a high level of interest on the part of the community.

Content Creation

During the event we created the following content types:

Real time shooting and editing of all content produced.

Video presenting a product made as a collaboration between Alyx, Vibram and Nike.

Development of an innovative concept. Shooting the products presented, creative montage, study of the image and identity of the media items produced. Creative contents were subsequently posted in the form of Instagram Stories.

Video interviews with the Vibram product designers who worked with Matthew M. Williams, owner of Alyx.
The interviews were recorded, edited and published live.

Content post-production.

Influencer Project

We provided support for Vibram during the event, handling the guests, who included some of the most important European influencers in the fashion arena. We secured their participation and presented Vibram’s current and future projects to them.

After the event had ended, we issued a press release to create an intense media presence.

Our results


Content posted





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