Soapbox Race


Building powerful relations with selected contacts, encouraging them to spread the word, highlighting the brand’s ironic aspects.


Events Management - Influencer & Media Relation

“We are looking for reckless and daring people, everyone in love with fun”

Giving wings to People and Ideas. Taking inspiration from functional drinks used in the Far East, Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the mid-1980s, developing not only a new product, but also a unique marketing concept.

In order to maximise the event’s reach, we involved influencers, opinion leaders and ambassadors with a dedicated communications schedule and special activities.

We created on-site experiences for national and local media, communicating the brand’s ironic aspects.

We focused on a female target and on Gen-Z, and we selected, contacted and handled a number of targeted ambassadors, proposing an editorial schedule that would guarantee coverage for the event during all its stages (before, during and after).


What we have done

Public Relation

Creation of a mailing list to supply the media with information on the events, participants, the jury and the ambassadors involved.

The communication strategy was strongly targeted to the creation of a strong media presence during the pre-event phase.

We organised a media partnership with Radio 105 to promote the event.

Media contacts were selected and invited to follow the event on site.

Influencer Project

Special influencer activities:

  • “Canesecco” to involve and give visibility to a team consisting entirely of girls.
  • “Rulof Fai Da Te” as a content creator ideal for producing a soapbox presence and interacting with the entire do-it-yourself community.

The creation of «challenges» with special guests, by means of storytelling before, during and after the event

Our results


Tier 1 influencer coinvolti


Contatti media coverage


Tier 1 media highlights

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