“Summer giveaway” activation


Designing a giveaway strategy in order to create a buzz around GoPro HERO7 Black and the Sleeve + Lanyard cases in new summer colours.


Influencer & Media Relation - Social Media Strategy

GoPro HERO 7 black: for an action-packed summer

GoPro invites you to feel free to celebrate every moment and become a source of inspiration for everyone else. Action cameras, apps and accessories: everything that we do is designed to help you capture your finest moments, share your experiences and attract attention.

To create a buzz around the brand and promote the use of the camera during the holidays, we developed the idea of a giveaway in which posts and interactions were not posted on the GoPro profile, but directly on those of users, in order to make the operation exceptionally viral.

We asked users to post an Instagram story, sharing the location that they had chosen for the summer with their own fanbase, and of course adding the GoPro tag in order to take part in the giveaway.

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