Sustainable Thinking


The definition of a communications strategy highlighting themes of sustainability related to the exhibition “Sustainable thinking” and the «Symposium» event.


Content Marketing - Social Media Strategy

Salvatore Ferragamo’s commitment to the circular economy concept acquires structure

In order to encourage the cooperation and innovation necessary to create a new fashion industry aligned with Circular Economy principles, Salvatore Ferragamo signed a Manifesto for the Circular Economy, which endorses an Alliance for the promotion of innovative and sustainable projects.

As part of the communications strategy, we identified the most appropriate methods and content for the promotion of themes linked to sustainability, and the best ways of transmitting the message to a media core target (media with a focus on sustainability).

We trained the spokespersons and prepared them for the optimum management of operations with publishers (media training).

Lastly, we contributed to the production of the press kit for the Exhibition “Sustainable thinking”, providing assistance to the brand in the organisation and management of the Symposium.


What we have done

Public Relation

Utilising a network of dynamic and authoritative media players in the area of sustainability, we worked on communications for the exhibition within this specific target, with the objective of creating strategic visibility in order to promote the exhibition in Italy.

Event Production

We identified the best methods and content for promoting the Symposium project, focusing on the reference target (comprising both the speakers and the general public), providing support for the brand in all the organisational activities linked to the exhibition (objectives, results, tools, timing and roles).

Media Training

By means of one-to-one meetings with the Spokespersons selected for the interviews, we provided consultancy for the creation of the preparatory media training Q&A document, in order to prepare for possible questions on themes regarding the green approach, sustainability and CSR.

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