Travel in style @ Pitti Uomo


An innovative presentation of the new Thule collection for fashion and lifestyle media, involving the press before and during Pitti Immagine Uomo.


Influencer & Media Relation

Wherever you are going and whatever you are carrying, Thule gives you the freedom to live your active life to the full.

With the tagline Bring your life, Thule offers a wide range of premium-level products worldwide, made for active individuals, enabling them to take their most important possessions with them, securely, easily and stylishly.

We planned and implemented an exclusive experience, in which a number of top-tier Italian media journalists travelled to Florence in a private, Thule-branded Trenitalia Frecciarossa carriage.

During the journey, the journalists had the opportunity of taking part in an on-the-go press conference.

We implemented an omni-channel strategy which included traditional and digital PR activities, with the participation of selected influencers.

The success of the first edition enabled us to repeat the event for the international press during the following edition of Pitti Uomo, in January 2019.


What we have done

Event Production

For both the editions of Thule Travel in Style @ Pitti, we were involved in all aspects of event production and management, including:

Relations with Trenitalia to book the Frecciarossa Executive carriage and implement the cooperation.

Personalisation of the Executive carriage (creativity and production).

Organisation of the PR dinner with European media professionals on the evening before Pitti, in Milan.

Accommodation and transfer of European media professionals to Milan.

Participation and management of the photographer and video maker.

Public Relation

We scouted and handled relations with the influencers and content creators involved in the project, in order to promote the Thule project during Pitti.

We organised the press conference for the presentation of the new collections, conducted both on the train and at the stand.

For the two editions of Pitti, overall we involved a total of 20 top-tier Italian and European fashion and lifestyle contacts

Our results


Presenze media


Media coverage su top tier europei


Pubblicazioni dagli influencer coinvolti

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