La Fabbrica dell’Aria

What if the purest air in Milan was in an indoor space?

The Fabbrica dell'Aria®, the innovative project designed by Stefano Mancuso and PNAT has just arrived in our headquarters!

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La Fabbrica dell'Aria®

The Fabbrica dell’Aria® is a botanical bio-filtration system of air capable of responding efficiently, in a sustainable manner and with very low maintenance costs, to the need for air purification in indoor environments. The absorption capacity of air pollutants by plants has been the subject of scientific publications and research conducted within the LINV (International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology), under the coordination of Stefano Mancuso, a world-renowned scientist. The first Milanese project is located in the Green Media Lab Srl SB headquarters.

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How does it work

In the Fabbrica dell’Aria®, the air is taken from the environment to be purified, forced to cross the growth bed where the plants are planted and to flow in contact with their leaf part, before being expelled to the environment, pure. The air is decontaminated without being taken from outside the building, thus maintaining the ideal temperature.


La Fabbrica dell’Aria® uses Stomata®, the botanical filtration technology developed by PNAT that significantly amplifies the natural ability of plants to absorb and degrade both inorganic air pollutants (carbon dioxide, nitrogen compounds, fine dust …) and organic (the VOCs). It is a unique device of its kind, in which plants are not only decorative elements, but function as a technological core.