There’s no Plan B

The future is a serious business. We want our future to be green.

We believe that sustainability means a new awareness and a lifestyle decision. We have made this creed into our corporate Mission, which induces us to encourage our partners to adopt the same principle and thus contribute to positive change.

We are a certified B Corp

We believe in a better way of doing business

The B Corp community is a global movement whose ambition is to spread a more evolved approach to business, utilizing constant innovation to optimise its positive effect on employees, the communities in which it works, the environment and all stakeholders.

Green Media Lab & Net Zero

Green Media Lab is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 by joining 700 B Corp certified companies worldwide.

Become sustainable

Become Sustainable

We believe in the power of the best connections as a tool to encourage synergy and new opportunities. We are in contact with the most important players in the world of sustainability, who can provide support for companies in the definition of objectives and areas of activity. By means of strategic planning based on short, medium and long-term actions, we work with companies step by step as they develop, and we monitor the progress attained.

Act Sustainable

Act Sustainable

The adoption of a business approach based on sustainability makes it possible to reduce a company’s impact on the environment. Communicating this approach effectively helps to create a positive and authentic brand reputation, and above all it increases awareness on the part of media, customers and stakeholders. This is the only way in which we can tangibly help to protect the planet.

Respond Sustainable

Any company may run into crisis situations during the course of its activity, occurrences that require prompt and effective action. We have a dedicated team that is ready to intervene in such cases, with carefully-planned communication protocols and specific procedures that are activated real time. Even the most delicate issues can be transformed into positive communication opportunities for the company.